Lucy Boston

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

bad bad blogger - UFOs

UFOs ... in fabric, projects, and blogs.  
I offer my sincere apologies to anyone who's been awaiting an update 
from my little part of blog-land.  
All is well here in central Ohio, and there are no excuses, 
I've just not taken the time here to sit down and write on this blog.

Fun with the family, and activities with friends, quilting and hand stitching time, too.... life just happens! Don't know how to go back and put it all into written word now without making myself crazy trying to remember what happened when, 
so I'm just going to start back in, jumping around a little as I come across pictures.

In May, at a quilt retreat, a couple friends and I started a FB group -  
Scrappy Four Patch Friends ... 
using the simple four-patch block. 
We discussed that we really wanted to challenge ourselves to 
step outside our usual fabric box - 
and not necessarily use the fabrics that we are normally drawn to.
I have many double four patch blocks made:
 Like 400!!  
(Most of us are making the little four-patch pieces cut at 1.5", and the larger squares cut at 2.5" to make the double four-patch.)
Stitched into rows and ready to press:
Lots and lots of polka dots in double four-patch blocks!
Definitely NOT my usual civil war repros!, but loving it!!!

Such a simple layout, but will be a great look, I think.

If you are interested in joining in, 
you can search facebook for the group 
Scrappy Four Patch Friends
and I'll get you added!

Happy middle of September, and hope everyone is doing well!