Lucy Boston

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

bad bad blogger - UFOs

UFOs ... in fabric, projects, and blogs.  
I offer my sincere apologies to anyone who's been awaiting an update 
from my little part of blog-land.  
All is well here in central Ohio, and there are no excuses, 
I've just not taken the time here to sit down and write on this blog.

Fun with the family, and activities with friends, quilting and hand stitching time, too.... life just happens! Don't know how to go back and put it all into written word now without making myself crazy trying to remember what happened when, 
so I'm just going to start back in, jumping around a little as I come across pictures.

In May, at a quilt retreat, a couple friends and I started a FB group -  
Scrappy Four Patch Friends ... 
using the simple four-patch block. 
We discussed that we really wanted to challenge ourselves to 
step outside our usual fabric box - 
and not necessarily use the fabrics that we are normally drawn to.
I have many double four patch blocks made:
 Like 400!!  
(Most of us are making the little four-patch pieces cut at 1.5", and the larger squares cut at 2.5" to make the double four-patch.)
Stitched into rows and ready to press:
Lots and lots of polka dots in double four-patch blocks!
Definitely NOT my usual civil war repros!, but loving it!!!

Such a simple layout, but will be a great look, I think.

If you are interested in joining in, 
you can search facebook for the group 
Scrappy Four Patch Friends
and I'll get you added!

Happy middle of September, and hope everyone is doing well!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

little swap quilt recieved!!!!

I'd shared previously that I was again participating
in a little quilt swap, hosted by Lori, of Humble Quilts blog...

Well, guess what I received??
A little quilt from the hostess herself!!
How lucky can a gal get?!?
 Sticks and Stones!!!

It was hand and machine quilted, 
and has the most wonderful little binding!
Thank you Lori, for your wonderful work of art!
I love, love, love all the fabrics, and the pattern, and all the
effort you not only put into it, but also everything you've done to host all the swaps!!!
It's so wonderful to find more quilty friends around the world! 💖

You can visit the link up party to view all the swapped quilts here:
Humble Quilts Swap

Monday, May 1, 2017

Little quilt swap

Again this year I joined in on the fun
of a little quilt swap with Lori, of Humble Quilts blog.
Since I'd been working on my 42-Cents Forever Stamp quilt, 
(and I just happened to have a few leftover stamps)
I decided to use them in my little quilt for the swap.
I made it in March, bound it in April, then carried it along with me to a retreat in Indiana, to mail from there, so it got to do some extra traveling!!

I was given a gals' name that seemed not to have a blog or facebook presence, but just in case she did, I didn't share here what I'd made, until I knew she'd received it.

Monday, April 3, 2017

where have I been?

A whole lot going on, but not a whole lot going on...
while I've been absent from blogland.
I'm guessing you probably know how it is, too. 😊
Great times spent with family the last few weeks
and over the local school Spring break.
I have continued working on my postage stamp quilt -
42-Cents Forever Stamps quilt,
and it's a top, 
not just thousands of little one-and-a-half inch pieces!!
I love it!! 
And someone may have enough little 1 1/2" squares left over
to make another some day.😂
(pattern from the book 19th-Century Patchwork Divas' Treasury of Quilts)

Happy April everyone!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

March.... March.... March

Sweetie and I had the grandsons over 
for sleepover a couple of weeks ago,
and at the ages of five and three,
it seems as though they can always teach me something.
For instance, did you know that 
March comes after Jan-bary? 
And that Moms and Grandmas use 
the wintertime (wintertime is after Christmas) 
to march around and clean up the house?  
And that's why it's called March - 
march, march, marching orders, you know!  Cracking me up!!

Guess I do normally, kind of use the time before 
Spring arrives to do some clean up. lol
My own 'marching orders' 
(after putting away all the Christmas decor)
is to get out the Winter stuff - snowmen and snowflakes,
wintery table toppers, etc.
And as of today, we are finally getting
(Finally Winter! And I'll enjoy it as long as it lasts!) 
But soon, since Spring's arrival is just around the corner of the week,
all that snowy decor will come down and 
it will be time to put out the Spring-y table toppers 
and bouquets, bunnies and chicks.
Do you do a seasonal change over?

In the quilting department, I've also been taking time to continue piecing the
little one-inch stamps
of my 42-Cents Forever Stamp quilt.
Eighty stamp blocks made, and the alternate
piecing strips and blocks are ready to piece together, too.
It does look rather Spring-like,
so I guess I'm March, March, Marching ahead toward Spring!    
Hope you're enjoying your end of Winter, too!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Havine fun working in the scraps.... still,

and totally enjoying the progress!!

Seven stacks of tens,
plus one more block and six strip-sets gathered:
They all still need a pressing 🤣

for a total of seventy-seven!  ...
I only need THREE more stamp blocks (if I figured correctly) !!!

It seems that this particular quilt
has it's hooks in me!!!
 From this book:

All the one inch cuts of  fabric are just
mesmerizing to me.
So many great memories of previously used fabrics,
and shopping trips, and quilting friends!!

Sweet memories! And it's going to be a sweet quilt!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

scrap play

Scraps.  Lots of small scraps. 
Postage stamp sized little pieces of fabric... 
one inch finished little squares!
I've had this style of quilt on my 'someday list'
for almost as long as I can remember. lol

So when this quilt:
in this book:
was mentioned at the Fall quilt retreat...
well, I was hooked.  
But I wasn't the only one enthralled.  
There were handfuls of us that needed to do this quilt!
There was a movement of sorts. LOL
We all ordered or purchased books.  
We stocked our fabric stashes with setting fabric.
A facebook group was started for stamp-sized-fabric-minded quilters 
(Thank you Rosemary Youngs!!).

After Christmas, I started gathering scraps.
My scraps,
Scraps sent to me by friends:
Thank you Wendy! Constant Quilter blog
The pattern calls for width-of-fabric strips.  
I decided I'd like my quilt to be a little more scrappy, 
so I cut the equivalent of only quarter WOF pieces.  
Equaling a whole lot of scrap play!!!
And here are some of my strip sets:
There are many more strip sets, but that's a good representation.

I'm finding so many old favorite fabrics in working on this quilt,
and a great way to spend some of my leisure time.
Which is where I'll be this afternoon!

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you are having a wonderful week, too!!