Lucy Boston

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summertime fun

 Somehow, I've gotten myself into another stitch-along.
Does that statement ring a bell with you, too?

Memorial Day has passed,
and though not officially Summertime yet,
I've found some Summertime fun to get into!
Another quilt to start...
yes, I said START!

Just like you,
I have all this extra time, you know,
so I'm joining in on 
(click on the link above to take you to the block pattern)
PG Stitch-Along
It's only a new applique block every couple of weeks. :)
I figure I'll do them when I can,
& save the patterns when I can't get to it.
I really can't resist,
since it's a free pattern and
I can use up more of my cotton and wool plenitude!

Are YOU also going to join in on this Summertime fun??

Happy Stitching!

Congratulations, Lisa on your 10th anniversary!
Thank You So Much
for the great, new, free design,
& for letting us help you celebrate!!


  1. I will not start something new. I wil not start something new. I wil not start something new. That's my mantra andI'm sticking to it! sure is tempting! ;)
    t in tx

  2. SOMEHOW you got yourself into another sew along ??!!!
    Funny - I did too! :) I was sucked right in - and already have it started with wool on cotton and love it.

  3. Since I have nothing else to sew on right now (daaaahhh) I think I will do these blocks. But in needleturn since I do not have any wool to sew with. Really loved this first block.


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