Lucy Boston

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

stitching away play

I mentioned last week about my 
quilting friends' group challenge
to use up stash.....
I'm just here to say that fabric diets are difficult 😁
But I don't "owe" any fresh pretzels - yet.

I have been playing,
stitching away on some projects in progress,
and it feels good to play with my 'toys' I haven't had out for a while.

In this stitching vein/thread,
I've joined Lori, of Humble Quilts blog,
and a great group of like-minded folks,
to stitch on the quilt -
Sweet Land of Liberty,
an old Cheri Payne design (now out of print).
It made total sense to me, as I'd worked on this great primitive quilt before.
Like nine years ago, before.
Ooops, where does time go when you're having fun?
And I still love it, so I'm not counting how long it's been resting, 
and am declaring it part of my 
Get it Finished This Year challenge.... aka GIFTY.

So, for month one of the Humble Quilts Sew Along,
here are the first blocks I've done...
(link to the group challenge to be added later this week)
I already had the big applique blocks done, but had to add all the embroidery... AND, I made the Economy Blocks, plus a few extra, which I have not trimmed down as of yet, (because I know how some of these Cheri patterns sometimes need a coping strip added occasionally 😀).

I'm off to go do some more stitching, 
(and not purchase any new fabric)!
Hope you are enjoying your day, too!


  1. I bought 5 yards of fabric, not including the several 'remnants' yesterday. I do have projects lined up for almost all of this fabric. I didn't have stash to cover these (special colors needed). Good luck on your 'diet'.

  2. When I have gone on what you call a 'fabric diet', I find I need to allow for purchases of neutral or black fabric. I seem to run out of those all the time. I enjoyed seeing your Sweet Land of Liberty blocks. They look great. I started this quilt 5 yrs ago, made 3 blocks and then stopped. I'm sewing along with Lori too. I've made the applique blocks but I don't have any economy blocks made yet. This is going to be fun.

  3. I am proud of you for sticking to your "no new fabric" policy. I actually haven't bought anything new this year, but I plan to remedy that on Saturday. Your blocks are beautiful I am looking forward to watching this one progress.

  4. So fun to pick back up an "old" project!I hope you'll stay inspired working with a group.

  5. Hurray on the fabric diet. I can't say I did a good job staying away from purchasing fabric but only purchased background for a pattern I have had for a good while. So hard when there is so much out there to tempt us. I am thinking about doing the same as Lori and making some string blocks to use up a bit of fabric from a win I had a while back.


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