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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Well that took a while

New computer shopping & set up?
Not.  My.  Favorite.
Just saying.  
The young guy that helped me
during choosing and purchasing process
said it was super simple set up these days.
But, he would not give me his direct call number for support. 

So - a long time to catch up on in blogland.
Don't know how to get it all without writing for hours non-stop,
so I'll just start and add some photos of a current project in progress.

My most current obsession is this - 
#SummerSpread #LowVolume
#FunWithBarb on Instagram
#SummerSewAlong #LogCabinQuilt

Aren't those just the greatest shirtings??!!  I was so out of light setting fabrics in the Springtime (until retreat and no new fabrics challenge ended), and when I restocked, I really restocked!! 💖💖

Though I had plenty of other projects in the works, when I saw on Instagram that Barb, of @FunWithBarb was starting this cool Summer Sew Along, I HAD to join in!!
AND.... I just happened to have all those ^ cool shirtings that would be perfect!!
'Cause who doesn't need a summer-weight quilt for the Summer???
1st blocks and I'm in love with this!
more blocks:

About half way there already!!

FYI -- I'm using:  
  • 2.5" cut center
  • 2" cut logs
  • three 'rounds' of logs
  • for a finished 11" block
It really is going so quickly!
My goal is to have it put together by month end. 
There are no rules to this sew-along - no minimums/maximums, colors or sizes, no fixed-date to finish, you can join in if you love this look as much as I do. 

Enough for today!  
Hope everyone is enjoying their July!  


  1. The quilt is lovely and so soothing to look at. Sometimes the "less is more" saying is really true.

    1. Thanks, Robin, and that is so true!
      It's really been an enjoyable little project!!

  2. Looks super great and you're moving along quickly! I too plan to be done by the end of month.

    1. Thank you Barb! I absolutely love it! Thanks for the inspiration, too!

  3. Love that stack of neutrals. Makes me want to come play with you.

  4. Oh, now you are really making me wish I had started this. I know I won't have time until September, but your blocks are so beautiful! Welcome back to Blogland!

  5. Pretty fabrics. I set up my new laptop mostly by myself. I'm not tech savvy at all. I just had to ask hubby questions about some tech speech.

    1. Thanks Cheryl! And way to go doing your own computer set up! I figure every time we do it ourselves, we learn a little more!


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