Lucy Boston

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Dog days of Summer and the Summer Spread

As the grandkiddos will say -
'Grammy, it's stinkin' hot!'
And I respond, 'that's because it's the dog days of Summer'.
(That's what my Great GrandmaB would say,
so I guess that's where I picked that up,
but wonder where that originated...)
But it has been stinkin' hot...
Good weather to stay in and stitch a little, for sure.

As of last night, before the stroke of midnight,
I finished my #SummerSpread #SewAlong quilt top!!!!!!
8/8/18, Summer Spread on the bed!!
These last blocks were a little more splinted logs than whole logs
At this point it's at 88 inches square -
and I need to decide if I add another row or two.
I did this sew along with Barb when I saw her #SummerSpread idea on Instagram... (here's her link to her blog - Fun with Barb)

I used little pieces from trimmed logs to piece the last blocks together, and love that look.  
Lovely shirtings strips readied
This last picture is how I prepped my strips for block making:
A block center and logs stack, at the ready... I could stitch a block in a few spare moments, and it sure seemed to go together quickly!
Now to decide how to finish it!

Hope your Dog Days of Summer are going well.


  1. Yours is beautiful! I love your red centers! Now I wish I had started it. Maybe next summer!

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  3. I sure do miss your posts, Debra...hope all is well....blessings...I still have your little quilt from the Humble Quilts swap from a few years ago....

  4. Lovely quilt :-) Maybe I am inspired to make one too :-)


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