Lucy Boston

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

For some reason or another,

the end of last year
I had some posts set to 'share' automatically,
but they did not.
So, here are some quilts that I got to meander over:
(Sorry gals!  I didn't mean to exclude your great works!!)

From October 2015 -
Janet did this great Attic Window:
I remember the border was snake fabrics.
And, then in early December, 
two more quilts for the twin nephews:
 Race cars!!
 Fun to quilt and nice to go back through pictures!!!


  1. I'm waiting for a quilt to come back from the quilter right now. I don't know what she's up to, it's been 4 weeks. I'm sure the ladies didn't feel overlooked - they were just pleased to have the quilting done.

  2. Attic Window style quilts can be so interesting. I have two that I made years ago. One is a Halloween quilt and the other a photo quilt I made of my mother and family.


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