Lucy Boston

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thankful, blessed, & happy Thanksgiving my friends

It seems to me that time is a whirlwind-
blowing through like a Derecho...
I can not believe it's already the end of November!!

So many things to be thankful for!!
In the last couple of weeks, I've enjoyed some quilting retreat time,
and so thankful for time with 117 friends.
Then home to cake baking and party for the now three-year-old grandson -
I'd asked him weeks previously about cake preference and 
he'd answered a 'red monster' cake...
Just the day before the party it changed to a 'green dragon' cake.
Glad I asked before I made the red icing.  😍

Then came Thanksgiving prep times two, 
including hosting my family on Saturday.
I love that all the nieces and nephews are now bringing their friends and/or future spouses.   It was a wonderful house-full of family, good eats, and laughter.
Table for 27
I don't usually share about health issues, but
I'm so very thankful for my Plexus (Probio5, BioCleanse & Pink Drink) supplements
and the great health benefits I've gained in the last year and a half...
they truly have been life-changing and I thank Lori for
all the information she's provided about getting my 'gut' healthy,
that I feel energized, younger, and I'm able to keep up with my grandkiddos and family activities!!   (Seriously - google your 'issue + gut health' ... it's all connected!!!!)

AND, I'm thankful for all of you - my blog friends!
I'm thankful for everyone that takes the time to read and comment on my ramblings.
AND for the opportunity to visit each of your blogs.
To me, it's like having the best next-door-neighbors/friends EVER,
instead of being spread around the whole globe!

Happy, happy Thanksgiving
I feel totally blessed! and grateful for winds that blow!

Monday, November 14, 2016

busy, busy

Happy middle of November already!
Do you ever keep thinking you'll sit down to write a little...
then it just doesn't happen???
I'm a list maker -
which I think helps me stay organized,
but when I started writing my list, it made me realize
how much I've accomplished!

Here's some of my recent list:
With the holidays approaching,
I've done a lot of my gift shopping,
pretty much planned my gatherings,
stocked up on foodstuff for the pantry and freezer,
and had the grandkiddos for sleepovers on the weekends quite a few times. 

I've quilted for others for their upcoming gift giving,
(but still have three or four more to quilt before the beginning of the December),
hosted the annual neighborhood Chili Cookoff/Bonfire on a beautiful evening the end of October.
Made birthday cakes, there were/are family weddings - one last month, one next,
plus two new family engagements - so excited for a nephew and a niece!

I have had some stitching time of my own, in little increments...
and am working on four different quilt gifts,
Also have on my list, five woolen stockings for Sonny boy and his family.
I participated in a block swap with blog friends through the Fun with Barb blog.
I participated in a sew-along with blog friends through Lori's Humble Quilts blog.
And in between all those times,
I exercised my right to vote,
and spent with family and friends, 
and cooked and cleaned, and, and, and!

That List! ^
Therefore, the title of this post! lol
You know how it is, I'm sure!!!
Good times! Good food! Good friends! Good life!

Hope your week is wonderful, and
happy middle of November!
Back soon with quilty pictures!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I've not had new magazines for a while it seems,
but look what came recently!!!!!
I love when I get a squishy envelope!
I like to shop locally, but when the local book store stopped carrying the Quilt Mania magazine, I got online and found a quilt shop that not only carried it, but would ship to me. I talked to the very nice ladies there and asked if they would add four reproduction fabric fat-quarters with each shipment, and they were happy to do so.  Because it's a bimonthly magazine, I receive a new shipment of fabrics every two months, also.  Win/Win!!!
Thank you Homestead Hearth!!! 

Also, I had a magazine on my want-to-read list - which I usually just wait and borrow from the library.  But since I was meeting a friend at the book store, I decided to look for that magazine while there.
I found it! -  the BHG American Patchwork & Quilting magazine and it came packaged WITH the Editors Favorites - Christmas Quilts issue, too.
I love the inspiration from Lisa of Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop, so it was nice to see the Holiday Project magazine bundled together.

So, reading material for the evenings this week,
and great mourning purples and grays to add to my stash!!

Do you receive subscription magazines or pick them up while out shopping?