Lucy Boston

Thursday, September 27, 2012

meandering through September

I have been quilting while my computer has been down.
Made by a first time quilter - Jamie -
she's so creative, she did a great job,
& it was a fun one to meander across!
I did the meandering in "AM radio waves".

Next up, another new quilter - M,
who started with a block of the month project.
Didn't she do a great job also?
 And, here's a close up of the back/meandering.
It was a very light colored fabric,
so the stitching is a little hard to see,
but I think I got a good angle, finally:
Well, that's enough for today -
I'm taxing my Sweeties' little, slow, notebook.
And, taxing my patience :)!
Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

three pluses

Can you tell from this picture
where I got to go a couple of weekends ago??
(I grabbed this photo from Mary, thanks Mary!,
as when I was there trying to photograph,
it was wall to wall people & you could barely see
the stack of pumpkins and squash!)
It was THE Country Living Fair!!

I was gifted a ticket, so how could I not go?,
and, I did some Christmas shopping!!

Country Living Fair in town,
 plus gifted ticket,
plus Christmas shopping in September
equals three pluses
in my book! 

P.S.  My computer did end up biting the big one not being restorable,
so still not much I'm able to do on that front.
So, next on the list of things to do?
Computer shopping... uuugg.

Hope your September is going well -
can't believe there's only one week of it left!!!
Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

blessings and remembering 9/11

There were a couple of pictures that
I was going to insert
in rememberance of
that horrible day a decadeand a year ago..
I'm still having computer issues -
and can't insert pictures...
I'm using the one
working, big, old, SLOW computer that's in the house. 

I'm really blessed, I know. 
That I have a computer. 
That I have a house.
That I live in America
and SO much more.

The computer issues are
just a little squirt of icing
on my wonderfully, blessed
cake of a life.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meandering and liberty

I'm still limping along without a working computer,
so I feel stiffled.  In the long run though, it's probably a good thing, not having the excuse to spend "extra" time surfing...
That means that I had time for a
little more meandering this last week...
I also had time for a little rumination -
looking at the title of this post and the last -
Liberty. Liberation.
Hadn't really thought about that until now...
I'll have to comtemplate more on that later.
On to the meandering:
First up:
A wall-hanging by Sharon:
(And before you ask, Yes, this kit and pattern are available at The Good Wives)
Along with traditional piecing it has some three dimensional folding in it.  I used my Sashiko machine to quilt it.
Second up:
Stella did a wonderful job with this stitch-a-long
called Sweet Land of Liberty.
She and I were part of a group
that met once a month for a year
(some of us
-read that as ME-
have not finished ours, yet! :)
and that was,
two years ago.
Anyway, here's a pic of her finish
Sweet Land of Liberty pattern by
Cheri Saffiote-Payne
I like how Stella only did the blocks
that she wanted to do.
I should give myself the
permission of "liberty" with projects.
Well, off to do some more meandering - and do some thinking about giving myself liberty :)
Hope your week is going well.