Lucy Boston

Saturday, January 21, 2017

the last of the Christmas quilts 2016

I think this is the last of the pictures
that I haven't yet shared...

Christmas-y quilts for the grandkiddos!
The Grinch quilt for the ten-year-old:
back of the Grinch quilt
Micky and friends for the three-year-old:
back of the Mickey & friends quilt
Charlie & friends for the five-year-old:
back of Charlie & friends
And finally, a little quilt for the two-year-old great-niece -
Christmas cows 😀 :
back of the Christmas cows
That wraps up the last of the secret sewing/quilting from 2016... 
unless I come across more pictures on my FOUND camera!!

I have been cutting fabric strips for the next quilt project.  
And a little embroidery stitching has been happening, too!

The grandkiddos are all here tonight for a SLEEPOVER! 
Fun, fun! Though we're still awaiting the arrival of snow.
Originally when we planned this over-nighter, we
talked about going sled riding tonight 
(instead we took a walk in the Spring-like weather).

Hope your week has been nice,
and happy stitching!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

quilty Christmas gift for my momma

Sharing another quilty finish from last year...

It had been a while since I'd made a quilt as a gift for my Mom,
so when I attended the One Stop Shop Hop (in Dayton, Ohio) last October and saw a shop sample made with Chickadee fabric, I immediately knew it would be perfect for my mother.
I purchased the kit mid-October, I stitched it together at a retreat mid-November, quilted it after Thanksgiving, and mailed it on it's way to arrive for Christmas! 
 close up of hand-guided, long-arm quilting 
"Merry Christmas Mom" and holly leaves meandering
 One of the last stitches in the binding:
 The finished quilt, picture taken late night:
The coloring is a little off, but I do like the finish.  And, she absolutely LOVED it!

For inquiring minds:  the fabric line was called Chickadees and Berries, 
and I purchased the kit from Creative Fires Quilt & Stove Shop, Springfield, Ohio.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

mid January no-snow-blues

First, can you believe it's ALREADY mid January??
I've been busy, busy! A good kind of busy, though...
all the holiday decor is down and put away.
The weather is being weird here in central Ohio... 
lots of dreariness, but no snow.
Since there's no snow for real, 
I put up decorations that remind me that it is really Wintertime:
Snowy Days I made with wool on cotton, hand stitched & quilted 
(pattern by Heart to Hands)
And you know what that means when there's 
no snow predicted here for most of the month?
Means we'll probably have it later, into Spring.

German candy container snowman, backdrop of glass snowflakes ❆❅❄
Speaking of cleaning up and moving forward,
I have some finished quilt pictures to move out of my photo storage and share.
This is a quilt that I got to meander over for Colleen!
I quilted it mid-November, but she was out of town for a while. Then, multiple times the icy weather conspired against us meeting up.  Anyway, she has it now, so I can share it here!
Lovely Wm. Morris fabrics! 
There's more to share in the finished quilt department, 
but I'll just finish with this for today:
I've begun (again 🤣) organizing the sewing room space, 
and cutting scraps at the same time:
More on that, later!
Happy mid-January, 2017!!