Lucy Boston

Saturday, July 30, 2016

more secret sewing done

Fun, fun, fun!
I finished the Secret Wedding Gift Quilt!
Not to be confused with the 
Secret Anniversary Gift Quilt 
that I did last month 
and shared about a couple of weeks ago. lol
This quilt was requested for a wedding gift,
from parents to their son, for his upcoming nuptials.
I won't share all the pictures of the finished quilt
because I don't want to give away the 
They are going to use it at the wedding venue 
(in a couple of weeks),
as part of the decorations with the flowers!
Isn't that an awesome idea?
AND, I was finished a few weeks before the date!
The pattern is the uneven nine-patch, 
and finished a large queen-size.
I also did pillow cases to match
(I'll have to share the picture at a later date, because the close-up picture of the pillowcases shows the wedding couple's names/date that I stitched into the quilting).
When the parents of the groom picked it up,
she, the Momma, said she was going to cry -
it was exactly what she wanted!
So good the hear that she loved it!!!
And nice to have it finished and delivered.

Hope you all are having a great month!
Hot and steamy here,
already feeling like it's August. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Blazing heat, computer crashes, secret stitching,

and did I mention blazing hot? LOL
With the temps in the high nineties, 
and the heat index to be well above 100 degrees each day this week,
THAT is a little much.
It does probably mean a little more stitching time indoors 
in the air conditioned coolness, though, and that is good.

My computer has been in the shop.  Again... Which really is a blessing in disguise; being able to have it repaired means I didn't have to purchase a new one.   I'll try to take a few minutes at lunchtime each day this week and visit all my blog friends and try to get caught up on all the fun.

Secret stitching:
Sweetie's nephew asked me to create a quilt gift for his wife, in honor of their 12th anniversary.  They are such a sweet couple and family, and I'm proud to claim them! lol
He told me the some of her favorite colors, I chose the fabrics, sent secret messages and pictures back and forth, and got to work. Delivered ahead of schedule, so just had to wait out the gifting before I could share with you all.
Their anniversary date has passed, so I won't ruin his surprise if I share now.
Queen sized, teals and corals, Crazy 9 Patch pattern:
Hard to make out, I know, but he asked for his/hers initials with wedding date, enclosed within a heart:
 I also made a couple of large pillowcase/shams with leftover fabrics:
 And probably my favorite picture - the trimmings from squaring up the blocks:
 Binding time:

I'm off to have some lunch and do some MORE secret stitching! 
Hope your week is wonderful!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Firefly nights - #2 of Gwennie Inspired medallion

'Childhood Memories' was the theme for this past month's 
Gwennie Inspired Medialion challenge...

I was so excited thinking back on my childhood,
as there were so many good memories 
and great inspirational ideas that came to mind
for this challenge.
I grew up an Ohio farm girl, the oldest of four children;
there were chores to do, cooking, gardening,
cleaning, and more chores, and I absolutely loved them all.
Many times at the end of the Summer day, we had 
a bonfire and could stay out a little later and
hunt fireflies.  There were at least a gazillion!
It was almost magical, as they lit the trees and fields
with their twinkly lights.

 So, Firefly Nights was my choice for the second round:
Can you tell I used to love my Summer nights and fireflies?
Truth be told, I still love my firefly nights!
At this point, my quilt top measures 25 inches by 30 inches. 
I've used more scraps from the scrap basket.
Also, I still need to give it a good pressing. lol
I can hardly wait to get going on the next 'round'/challenge!
Cathy of Big Lake Quilter blog 
has chosen the theme of 'Log Cabin' quilt blocks.
So more fun to come!

You can check out all the others who have joined in on this
four month challenge by clicking on this link:  wabi-sabi quilts
There are SO MANY great quilts in the making!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
And happy Independence weekend to my fellow countrymen and women!