Lucy Boston

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Greetings from Central Ohio!

Friends, I wish you:
I hope that this year finishes with happiness & love, 
and that 
brings you great health & prosperity, 
abundance & positivism,
time with loved ones, 
and plenty of time for pursuing your hobbies!

Do you love the busy-ness of the season?
 I do, and it's a good thing, because, 
this morning I have planned:
to attend a cooking class with my daughter.
After lunch,  I'm going to try to sneak in just a little time 
cutting some fabrics in preparation of a new quilt project.
Late afternoon, I'll prep a feast of foods, 
as I'm hosting a dinner and Bowl game/football party 
for about a dozen friends, 
followed by ringing in the New Year together!

Hope your time is just as blessed!  
And see you next year!!! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

sharing meandering and the case of the misplaced camera

I've misplaced my camera...
not calling it lost just yet.
Without my camera, I seem just a bit, oh I don't know - unfocused. 
Yes, that was an intended pun.  Unfocused 😂
But I know that I haven't shared this quilt yet:
It's another by Janet for a niece for Christmas.
Just adorable.  Now I think I'll have to put a 30's quilt on my 'someday list'.

Here's a close up of some of the fabrics:
Perfect to quilt over! and I'm sure the niece loved it!

I also have a couple of my own quilts to share - 
but next time...
I really need to find the misplaced camera!
It's my way of documenting my fun/work,
and keeping me organized. 

Hope you all have had a great day!

Just a little Christmas Eve story...

Yes, it has a slight Griswold twist 😒😒 ( ← those are un-amused faces)
Let me set the scene for Christmas Eve:
I'd cleaned and prepped for
The Annual Christmas Eve Family and Friends Feast... 
including, seven appetizers, steak and chicken marinating, twice-baked potatoes and homemade rolls ready to heat, vegetables and salads made and chilling, table set and kitchen back to clean after all the prep... Even had the stockings filled and the gifts all wrapped and under the tree for the grand-kiddos.
It's going on four o'clock, and I have about a half hour before the first arrivals.
I decide I will just sit and put my feet up, awaiting our guests...
dear daughter gets herself a plate of appetizers, Sweetie grabs himself a dinner roll, and I have my big glass of ice water.  Ahhhh.  Half an hour of relaxation and the place looks great, and smells even better!
The ten foot tree crashes to the living room floor!!!
Daughter took the picture before we started the clean up.
Did you know that when a decorated tree falls, that 
all the lights and garlands shift to the floor side of the tree?  LOL
Oh My Goodness.  What a mess.
Broken ornaments everywhere, at least a gallon and half of water went all over the wrapped gifts and old, old quilt/tree skirt and carpet.  

The three of us who had just sat down for a little relaxation had the tree back to it's upright position and were cleaning up the shattered ornaments as the first arrivals (the in-laws) came in.  They thought it was the nights' entertainment and just sat on the couch in front of the disaster and watched cleanup and re-wrap. Wish I had recorded the commentary!! lol 

We all agreed that the 'Christmas Eve Feast 2016' story is one that will be told and retold in the coming decades, and thankfully no one was injured.  
Oh, by the way, the tree is now wired/tethered to the wall.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and that there wasn't quite the excitement that we had!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

What a beautiful storm

I may have mentioned before that I 
LOVE Winter...
I snapped this picture this past Wednesday morning:
Snowy and blustery... but clear, blue skies...
just love it all! 🙂
And I MAY have been told this before -
more than once:
Funny, I think.  But I do love the snow and cold.
Snow storms and bitter temps means a little more stitching time here, usually.  So maybe that's why I like the snow?

I've not been working on my own quilts much, but finishing up some customer meanderings.
Janet asked me to meander over these two quilts for her twin nephews:
 I didn't realize they were actually TWIN quilts until I put the photos here!!! lol  EXACT twins for twins!
and a couple of closeups:
Funny, that I didn't realize they were EXACTLY the same quilt made twice, until after I'd quilted and returned them to her, and put the pictures here.  I did load one with the green stars at the top, and the other with the green stars at the bottom, so they didn't seem the same when I meandered over them.

She's such a perfect piecer and presser - its always a pleasure to meander over her quilts!
(I also have another quilt of hers finished and ready to give her, so I'll share it next time, after I get it to her on Monday.)

And I'll finish with pictures of my Christmas tree - 
first the family trek over hill and dale to find the perfect tree:
family tree trek 2016 - that's our tree behind the group
And how it stands right now, with lights and berries and popcorn:
Ladder and ornament trunk at the ready!!!
Thanks for visiting, and I hope you all are staying safe, 
toasty warm and getting in some stitches!!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Welcome December! and happy Friday!

That wonderful time of the year!
I'm anxiously awaiting...
the snow!! 
There, I said it.  
I love snow.
I love it all!:  the sharp bite of coldness in the air, 
the crunchiness underfoot when it's so cold that the snow squeaks, 
the sun glistening on the drifts 
making little rainbows of light refracting and twinkling across the meadows.

And, yes, I know that some people H A T E snow.
If I could, I'd gladly take yours that you don't want. 😊❄❅❆

I'm ready for the snow, 
but I've NOT started any holiday decorating around the house, yet...
There's the the long-standing family rule...
that rule is - no decorating until after the first of December
the day of my daughter's birthday!
So AFTER that we can start the holiday decorating.
All I've done toward that so far,
is to remove some of the Autumn decor and quilts.

The 2nd of December?
Fair game!!
Looking for snow and decorating time!!!
And I probably should get to work on those
quilting gift projects!! 

So.... what do you have planned for the weekend??
Happy beginning of December!!