Lucy Boston

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy February!!

February, already! 
Though I'm not a fan of the sugar heart candies, 
I do like the idea of the sentiments on them.
Wouldn't it be fun if they had quilting/sewing themed words, though?
Quilt. Sew. Stitch. Cut. Lets Quilt. 
Or better yet - Go Sew!
Directive to go to your sewing corner and stitch all day!
If anyone asked, 
you could say you were told by your conversation hearts 
to go to your quilting area and sew! LOL

Anyway, that what I'm planning for today - 
going to my my sewing room and do some stitching!
Even without the conversation hearts telling me to.

Hope you have some stitching time this week, too.