Lucy Boston

Saturday, August 24, 2013

dancing by the side of the road

I was doing the happy dance 
down at the side of the road again.

Yes, that crazy lady is back in the neighborhood :)

But I have a good excuse - really!
I ordered more fabric - 
bad, bad me. :) 
When I heard the mail truck coming down the road
(there is a distinct sound to our mail truck -
a combination of mising engine/old muffler sound...
I'll miss it if they ever fix/replace it)
I decided to mosey on down the drive.
I arrived as the mail lady was pulling away,
and she waved as I waved.
And she smiled (probably 'cause she knows what pushes my buttons!)
But I think my smile was bigger
when I opened the mail box and saw a package!
Fabric package!
Just in time to put together a couple of quick grandkid quilts in time for fall.

Yep, crazy lady dancing at the side of the road!

Happy weekend!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

unfinished stacks - aka UFOs

I decided,
since I was still feeling under the weather and
that I was bored,
that I should sew a little...

Even though I wanted to START something new,
I went back to the messy, messy studio
and found a box of fabric strips -
left-over strips from a long ago project.
A whole bunch of one & a half inch strips,
UnFinishedObjects from a quilt from a year ago.
SO, the good thing about this UFO
is that I DID finish a quilt a year ago.
But I had a bunch of leftover strips that were almost enough to make the blocks for another quilt!!

Some of the strips had been sewn into blocks -
OK, MOST of the blocks had already been sewn!
I only had to make an additional 9 blocks...
yes, NINE!! and I would have another quilt top!

Why did't I just finish this a year ago
instead of leaving it as an UFO?
What's up with me and unfinished projects??!

Anyway, I've made the additional 9 blocks and pieced the the blocks into strips...
then sewed together those block strips, and am ready to attach some borders!
Yay, me!

Wait - that makes another quilt-top-flimsy to put into THAT unfinished stack!

What's up with me and unfinished projects??! :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

3H & barometer

August! Already!!
The 3H time of summer is here -
not the 4H/fair time H's:
(though it is almost local fair time around here)
No, I'm talking the big 3H of August:
& humid...
You know, August & it's going back to school weather!
And speaking of weather,
I've been way under the weather - 
(though it's not been the weather causing my problems...)
I've not felt like doing anything, not computer, cooking, visiting blogs...
not even stitching!
That's my barometer of wellness:
you know I'm not well if I don't have a needle in my hand!

This week, finally, I did a little needle-turn applique...
I worked on the last installment of my "Flower Garden" hot pad blocks
for the four month, ongoing class at the LQS.  
From a request from the gals in the class, I've added a bonus month -
an extra pattern with FOUR blocks, not three.
This way they could choose to do the 
original 4 month/12 block layout
add the fifth, bonus month and have a 
16-patch layout of four across by four down...
Three HOT PAD blocks done! (above) and 
one (below) still needs some more needle-turn before it gets 
set on point, sashing added, layered, quilted, and bound.
I can't wait to see the class girl's projects!
They have all been up to date with the hot pad blocks each month,
and you can tell they are loving this project 
as much as I have enjoyed leading the class!

And, as I've mentioned before,
I LOVE hot pad block construction!
Finished little quilt with each block constructed!!
with the HOT PADS I've been working on, 
it's almost as if I'm feeling all better and 
back in the kitchen cooking, also!

Happy Stitching,
and Happy August, too!
Even with the 3H weather!