Lucy Boston

Monday, October 31, 2016

End of October - THE COUNTDOWN

Oh my goodness, time is surely flying!
Can you believe, only four weeks until Thanksgiving & 
eight weeks until Christmas???!!!
I can not!
I don't know about you, but I'm not really a count down type of person
with my calendar filled with daily tasks to accomplish and check off.
I'm more the Down-to-Crunch-Time, Give-Me-A-Deadline type.
Though I do have more than a few projects to get done 
in the dwindling amount of time before the end of the year!

How do you do The Countdown?
By the number of sewing and quilting projects remaining to accomplish?
EG:  Only this quilted table runner to finish before turkey day,
and only three more quilts to piece, quilt and bind before end of the year???
Chuckling to myself here - my example is not far off that last mark,
as I really do have a whole lot of quilting on my list to get accomplished before the end of the year. 

So while I'm slowly plugging along with my own projects,
but I have had the pleasure of quilting for others!
I can't show the first couple, because they are mutual friends and read this blog,
but I can show what
Janet has finished from her countdown list, for her great nephews!
A cute Mickey and Minnie:
 And another cutie - Snoopy and Woodstock
And when I got those two quilted tops back to her, 
she had THREE more ready for me to meander over!

So, how about you?
Are you ready for the upcoming countdown?
And how do you tackle your project timeline?

Happy end of October!  Hope your Autumn is full of pleasant times,
and not just Crunch Time!


  1. Oh, I am so not ready! I used to be so organized and I was ready for Christmas by the end of Thanksgiving weekend. Not now! I hope you are getting some fun slow stitching time along with your wonderful quilting for others. Happy quilting!

  2. The idea of Christmas and Thanksgiving being so close is not something I want to think about. I have a couple gifts to make and I don't know that I actually can find time to do it. What I have selected are not the fastest things to make.


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