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Thursday, January 18, 2018

a new year!

I welcomed in the New Year with happiness, and hope you did, too.
We (Sweetie and I) hosted a new year's eve dinner and card party - 11 people, with delicious foods brought in by all attending.  It was perfect and peaceful and fun.
Lots of visiting and laughter.  We chose to play progressive euchre with two tables of four, and three sitting out each game rotation, so we all had time to visit AND play cards, with the games ending right before the televised ball drop in NY.

I don't usually make New Year resolutions, only to fulfill my long-ago promise made to my Great-Grandma B - to learn something new each year (which can be something small or something monumental).  
Last year, I learned more about gut health and how it affects so many things in overall health and wellness.  Don't get me started here, LOL, or I'll go on and on, but it is AMAZING what gut health controls.

In the quilting realm, I've decided this year I will finish up some already started projects.  Who knows why I have all the blocks for an entire quilt made, some not even sewn together or without borders attached. 
Like this ongoing project - 
 Farm Girl Sampler quilt blocks now together, but not pressed.
(book Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt)

Also!, a few friends and I who retreat together, 
have an ongoing challenge.... a 'bet' of sorts. 
We have chosen to not purchase any new fabric 
as we work on our unfinished projects this Winter/Spring - 
to try to use our stash.  
The first person to purchase new fabric 
will have to buy pretzels for the others -  
the awesome, freshly made, pretzels from Shipshewana, 
when we see each other again in November.

So, back to blogging, back to stitching, and back to learning!!!
Hope your January is wonderful, too!!!


  1. I'd be buying the pretzels. I'm slowing down, but, not stopping.

  2. I slowed down on purchases a lot last year and tried to just work on finishing past projects. I did make some good progress but my unfinished projects are mostly applique so it's going to take a while.

  3. Yikes, no fabric purchases until spring? I'd be the first to cave for sure. I love the Farm Girl Vintage! Just beautiful! Welcome back to Blogland. Glad to hear all is well!

  4. I have at least two projects that the blocks are made but not sewn together. Why we do that sort of thing??

  5. your NYE sounds absolutely perfect to me.
    your blocks are delightful


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