Lucy Boston

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

three pluses

Can you tell from this picture
where I got to go a couple of weekends ago??
(I grabbed this photo from Mary, thanks Mary!,
as when I was there trying to photograph,
it was wall to wall people & you could barely see
the stack of pumpkins and squash!)
It was THE Country Living Fair!!

I was gifted a ticket, so how could I not go?,
and, I did some Christmas shopping!!

Country Living Fair in town,
 plus gifted ticket,
plus Christmas shopping in September
equals three pluses
in my book! 

P.S.  My computer did end up biting the big one not being restorable,
so still not much I'm able to do on that front.
So, next on the list of things to do?
Computer shopping... uuugg.

Hope your September is going well -
can't believe there's only one week of it left!!!
Happy Stitching!

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