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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meandering and liberty

I'm still limping along without a working computer,
so I feel stiffled.  In the long run though, it's probably a good thing, not having the excuse to spend "extra" time surfing...
That means that I had time for a
little more meandering this last week...
I also had time for a little rumination -
looking at the title of this post and the last -
Liberty. Liberation.
Hadn't really thought about that until now...
I'll have to comtemplate more on that later.
On to the meandering:
First up:
A wall-hanging by Sharon:
(And before you ask, Yes, this kit and pattern are available at The Good Wives)
Along with traditional piecing it has some three dimensional folding in it.  I used my Sashiko machine to quilt it.
Second up:
Stella did a wonderful job with this stitch-a-long
called Sweet Land of Liberty.
She and I were part of a group
that met once a month for a year
(some of us
-read that as ME-
have not finished ours, yet! :)
and that was,
two years ago.
Anyway, here's a pic of her finish
Sweet Land of Liberty pattern by
Cheri Saffiote-Payne
I like how Stella only did the blocks
that she wanted to do.
I should give myself the
permission of "liberty" with projects.
Well, off to do some more meandering - and do some thinking about giving myself liberty :)
Hope your week is going well.

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