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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Busy: quilts, flowers, food

Just like everyone else, I have too many, too little...

projects/commitments are on the list of too many,
and time, or the lack of, is the main thing on the too little side.
I also have an issue (surprise, surprise) -
as in I need to say no occasionally :) 
But everything is just so much fun!!

Quilts #1:  I'm working on a couple of LQ shop pieces (: don't have a pic of the almost finished quilt from the hand-applique class I get to teach - don't know how I always forget to take a pic of my own stuff :) 
Quilts #2:  some meandering for customers -
First is Janet's dinosaurs...
so cute with dinos and dots. 
So I quilted dinosaur "eggs" :)
This quilt is for her new nephew - isn't he so lucky?
Next is Louise's cute quilt for her great-grand daughter
that is coming any day now!
In this one I quilted daisies
to go along with the theme of the fabrics used. 
Another lucky little babe.

Flowers:  The niece's wedding was beautiful.  Of course, with our usual typhoon weather and another couple of inches of rain blowing through each day, the wedding was held inside, but it was still a beautiful wedding.  
Here's a pic of one of the tablepiece groupings-
(so some of the flowers I did)

Food: I catered the local seniors luncheon again - the menu was good for the hot, humid, summer weather we've been having - sloppy chicken (you know, like sloppy joe, but with chicken in it's own thickened broth), loaded baked potato casserole, almond green beans, cole slaw, beets, homemade rolls.  And for dessert?  Pecan brownie sundae drenched with caramel and chocolate sauces, then topped with banana, ice cream and a cherry on top.
(Just typing that makes me want to go make another dessert and have that for dinner!)
Anyway, Sonny-boy was off work that day and was able to help me load/unload, serve and visit.   It was a great day (it sure is nice to have family to help out).  AND, left-overs were great for lunch/work the next day.

So that's that for now.
I'm stitching on my Lucy Boston - Patchwork of the Crosses blocks.
I might be a couple blocks behind right now...

Thanks for checking in on me, &
Happy Stitching!


  1. cute quilts and flowers!

  2. baby quilts are always fun to do!
    sometimes it's just good to know you're not alone in the 'too much to do not enough hours in the day' I'm right beside you :)


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