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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wow-za! again

This time, the wow-za is for the heat that has hit central Ohio!
High nineties, steam-sauna humidity...
and that's without the heat index!
Certainly makes you want to stay inside and stitch when you can!
But the heat sure zaps my energy -
so I'm working s-l-o-w-ly on my Lucy blocks.

I also worked on an applique project for a class at the LQS.
The (almost) finished quilt- "Our Flower Garden" turned out great I think, 
and is at a show this weekend!
You can see it in the picture from the show that's this weekend:

It's the French General faded red/pink a little left of center.
Oh, yeah, also, check out the faded cheddar bow-tie just to the left of that!
Love them both!!  OK, I really love ALL THE STUFF there!

I suppose I should get back to stitching (: & sweating, but that's a given:)Happy Stitching!


  1. it is HOT! and I'm staying in and stitching, too. and I may have to drive to dayton, now that i've seen the good wives booth all set up! really, i was already planning on going, but your picture reminded me that it's this weekend :)

  2. I see your Lucy blocks! The booth looks great - I wish I was going to Ohio this weekend, but no such luck :(
    I wish I could enlarge your picture so I can see the quilts better. Maybe you can show each individual quilt later?
    Found you through Quilting Daze


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