Lucy Boston

Saturday, August 17, 2013

unfinished stacks - aka UFOs

I decided,
since I was still feeling under the weather and
that I was bored,
that I should sew a little...

Even though I wanted to START something new,
I went back to the messy, messy studio
and found a box of fabric strips -
left-over strips from a long ago project.
A whole bunch of one & a half inch strips,
UnFinishedObjects from a quilt from a year ago.
SO, the good thing about this UFO
is that I DID finish a quilt a year ago.
But I had a bunch of leftover strips that were almost enough to make the blocks for another quilt!!

Some of the strips had been sewn into blocks -
OK, MOST of the blocks had already been sewn!
I only had to make an additional 9 blocks...
yes, NINE!! and I would have another quilt top!

Why did't I just finish this a year ago
instead of leaving it as an UFO?
What's up with me and unfinished projects??!

Anyway, I've made the additional 9 blocks and pieced the the blocks into strips...
then sewed together those block strips, and am ready to attach some borders!
Yay, me!

Wait - that makes another quilt-top-flimsy to put into THAT unfinished stack!

What's up with me and unfinished projects??! :)


  1. welcome to the club of unfinished projects! i like your little log cabin blocks :)

  2. Another finish! Yea! I'm the queen of unfinished projects. I have one from 2005, that I only need to finish one block so that I can sash and border the rest of the quilt. One of these days....

  3. Ha, Debra, you are NOT alone!! I have a laundry basket full, with more to add from this summer.


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