Lucy Boston

Saturday, August 24, 2013

dancing by the side of the road

I was doing the happy dance 
down at the side of the road again.

Yes, that crazy lady is back in the neighborhood :)

But I have a good excuse - really!
I ordered more fabric - 
bad, bad me. :) 
When I heard the mail truck coming down the road
(there is a distinct sound to our mail truck -
a combination of mising engine/old muffler sound...
I'll miss it if they ever fix/replace it)
I decided to mosey on down the drive.
I arrived as the mail lady was pulling away,
and she waved as I waved.
And she smiled (probably 'cause she knows what pushes my buttons!)
But I think my smile was bigger
when I opened the mail box and saw a package!
Fabric package!
Just in time to put together a couple of quick grandkid quilts in time for fall.

Yep, crazy lady dancing at the side of the road!

Happy weekend!


  1. I love Halloween and everything that goes with it. Those fabrics are going to make cute quilts. It is really a thrill when the mail truck leaves a package, and you just know it's fabric.

  2. You are a good grandma. They'll love anything made with that material. I love material too - I think I've told you - but I don't sew much. In fact almost none.
    Yet nothing is more fun than browsing in a fabric store. Not only the fabric but the buttons and the decorations are so cool.
    Still books and writing are my things. I guess I feel as you do when I know a book is arriving. Yes, I do a happy dance. But I never know when the postman is arriving or UPS. They have quiet vehicles. Show us the finished product when you sew this material into something! Thanks, Barb

  3. SO CUTE! I hope it helped you feel better.


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