Lucy Boston

Thursday, September 26, 2013

presents & meandering with thread

Janet has been working on presents -
Christmas presents!!
And I got to meander over TWO quilts for her twin nephews:
I think those little boys are going to go
rootin'-tootin' cowboy crazy
when they see their new quilts! 
(: Since they are twins, the two quilts are twin quilts,
so I've only shared one picture of a finished quilt,
but If you think the other "twin" might feel slighted, I"ll put another pic :)
Here is a close-up picture of some of the quilting:
Very cute quilts aren't 'they'?
Speaking of over-achievers Christmas presents...
Louise made a Christmas gift quilt for her sweetie:
Isn't it a great looking quilt?
She got it to me to quilt so she can do her binding and have it ready to wrap up early.
I asked them if they knew it was September.
Christmas quilts finished in September? 
What's up with that?
I'm going to have to give a good hard look at my calendar!
I'm off to check my calendar
(and maybe stitch a little, too).
How are you coming on your Christmas in September quilts?


  1. We're supposed to be starting Christmas presents already??? Oops! Great quilting!

    1. Hey Cheryl! Thanks for visiting and the compliment. And, yes, from all OTHER quilters I'm getting the resounding answer that WE ARE supposed to be starting on presents. Ugg! Less than 12 weeks!


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