Lucy Boston

Monday, September 9, 2013

crazy, mad

This is my bin
of Civil War reproductions - medium to dark fabrics,
under half yard pieces...

Yes, it's time to get a larger bin, I think.

Anyway, am I crazy-mad
in my collection of fabrics???
Or is everyone like this?

(And this is only 
the medium to dark, under half-yard cuts.)

I pulled the bin out to work on my Lucy Boston,
Patchwork of the Crosses blocks. 
That's when it came to me -
crazy, mad!!!
Way too much fabric!

I have issues. 
But lovin' my fabrics!

Do you have the same 'crazy-mad' problem 
"collecting"  fabrics as I?


  1. You are not the only one who has crazy amounts of fabric! and I just keep buying more! crazy mad is correct!
    t in tx

  2. I certainly have the crazy-mad problem. I just store the fabric in a different manner. There is just something about fabrics for quilts. The variety of colors and pattern is endless.

  3. I have at least a dozen (more, probably) of large plastic buckets holding fabrics in my basement. One of these days I'll get it organized so I know what I have. She who dies with the most stash, wins!

  4. Hello Debra.
    Nice to meet you.
    Your work is very cute! :))


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