Lucy Boston

Friday, December 6, 2013

snow sew day yay

Big weather systems are converging over central Ohio today...

That means snow is coming - only a half foot or so.
Also means it's a snow/sew day for me!
Yay again!!

Good timing, too,
'cause I have Christmas quilts
for the grandkids to finish up!
Here's a peek:
Flowers, footballs and ducks.

Hope to get them all to the binding/hand stitching point today
so that tonight I can cuddle under them as I finish them up.

What are your plans today?
Hope you can enjoy the weather and stitch a little, too!


  1. When I was teaching school, I loved snow days!!

  2. Hey, Deb, I have really missed seeing you at GWC!! I have been sew busy, making a purse, 2 table runners ,wall- hanging and lots of odds and ends. I would love to get together after the holidays and see your Lucy Boston. Mine have been oh hold till after the holidays. have a GREAT holiday! Sandy Z

    1. Sandy - I've missed seeing you also! Sounds like you've been busy. So, yes, we will have to get together after the New Year!


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