Lucy Boston

Thursday, December 12, 2013

brrr... and taking stock of LUCY

Although the calendar
doesn't yet say it's Winter,
the weather outside says differently!
With the snow falling, I decided to take stock of my Lucy blocks:
Though the cable and internet was
almost non-existent this past week,
I sure am thankful that the electric has been on
the entire time!
Along with the abnormally below-freezing temps,
there has been plenty of accumulation of the white stuff.
Here's a picture of this week's snowfall:
So, with no internet or cable
to distract me this week,
I pulled out ALL of my
finished Lucy Boston
Patchwork of the Crosses blocks.
Key word there is FINISHED.
Guess what I found?
This entire stack of blocks...
That doesn't look like many blocks without muslin borders, does it?
Oh, I knew that I had a 'few' blocks without
their borders.
I just didn't know that the number
of incomplete blocks was
Here they are,
all spread out:
All spread out it looks like I still have a WHOLE bunch of bordering to do, doesn't it?

Though they sure are pretty, if I do say so myself,
they would be prettier if they all had their borders. :)

I hope your 'Winter' weather is good,
that your heat is on if you need it,
and your needle is flying.
After I throw some more wood into the stove,
that's where I'm heading -
to make my needle fly!


  1. That stack of blocks doesn't look like there are 20 blocks. But have fun staying in and sitching! We had ice last week and I got to stay in and stitch too. t in tx

  2. Then you know what to sew in the Christmas days :) A very strange winter here by me. It should have been freezing cold but now it is + 2 C and just a little snow. Hope the little snow we have do not disappear, because I do not want a green Christmas

  3. Lovely looking Lucy Boston blocks Debra, I will get some fabrics together etc to make some while on our holiday after Xmas. Very hot here and fans going everywhere!! Mery Xmas to you and your family.Shirley N.Z.

  4. They are beautiful. At the end of the day yesterday, we ended up with less snow on the ground than when we started the day. Really dodged a bullet getting rain instead of snow. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. I love your blocks :-) I am behind on mine - I do remember I promised to do 1 a week!


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