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Saturday, July 30, 2016

more secret sewing done

Fun, fun, fun!
I finished the Secret Wedding Gift Quilt!
Not to be confused with the 
Secret Anniversary Gift Quilt 
that I did last month 
and shared about a couple of weeks ago. lol
This quilt was requested for a wedding gift,
from parents to their son, for his upcoming nuptials.
I won't share all the pictures of the finished quilt
because I don't want to give away the 
They are going to use it at the wedding venue 
(in a couple of weeks),
as part of the decorations with the flowers!
Isn't that an awesome idea?
AND, I was finished a few weeks before the date!
The pattern is the uneven nine-patch, 
and finished a large queen-size.
I also did pillow cases to match
(I'll have to share the picture at a later date, because the close-up picture of the pillowcases shows the wedding couple's names/date that I stitched into the quilting).
When the parents of the groom picked it up,
she, the Momma, said she was going to cry -
it was exactly what she wanted!
So good the hear that she loved it!!!
And nice to have it finished and delivered.

Hope you all are having a great month!
Hot and steamy here,
already feeling like it's August. 


  1. Congratulations not only on finishing in time, but on making someone so very happy! XO

    1. Thank you SO much! It was very fun to make and yes, so nice to see their happiness!

  2. Great finish! You are just cranking them out, aren't you? Nice job!

  3. There are more and more couples displaying quilts at their weddings or receptions.

  4. What a lovely quilt :-) You can be proud!

  5. What a lovely quilt :-) You can be proud!


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