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Monday, August 1, 2016

Gwennie inspired, round 3

I have the next 'round' done on my
version of the Medallion Sew-along!

The third part/round was to add my own version of
Log Cabins...
This sew-along is inspired after the
style of Gwen Marston.
She has a VERY free style of piecing that I really enjoy...
Whatever she comes up with is good.  
The seams don't have to match.
The points in blocks can be cut off.
No rules.
And that was my plan...
I thought I could do a freestyle version, 
with block centers and 'logs' of different sizes...
and found out that:  I. COULD. NOT.!!!
I even stitched up some free-style log cabin blocks 
with random width logs and random sized centers.
And promptly un-stitched them.  lol

Just couldn't do it.  
So, as freestyle as I could get was changing up the 
finished sizes of my log cabin blocks: 
there are 3.5,   5.5 and  9.5 inch blocks;
Then I got REALLY wild and put a couple of them on point(!),
and, I did purposely only put three borders of log cabins -
how's THAT for free-style?!
Though that last may change when I hear what the 
next month's challenge is. 

At this point, my quilt measures 
about 35 inches by 40 inches 
(I believe without going to measure it).

It has been fun to not have a pattern to follow, 
but just the idea for the month's challenge.  
And, I learned that I'm not so good at free-styling. :)

Can't wait to see what everyone else came up with for the month!!!
(I'll link up to those later.)

Happy beginning of August to all!


  1. Wow! I have very little time for playing on the internet today, but so far this is my favorite! So Gwennie and so beautiful!

  2. I so love what you have done. It is perfect and Gwen would love it. Hugs

  3. Good use of the red in the cabin blocks to pull in with the flowers in the basket.

  4. Oh I love a lot your border with Logs !
    So inspired Gwennie ! :)

  5. I had a similar experience with my basket center. I just *could not* make it wonky. I think we each have to "free style" in our own ways, and that is perfectly in line with a Gwennie inspired project. If we all improvised in the same way, that wouldn't really be improvisational;). Your log cabin borders are great!

  6. I like how you put two of the log cabin blocks on point in the border. Unique idea.

  7. I love your solution to the 'free-styling'! Beautiful borders that are just the perfect addition to your medallion.
    (I have the same problem with free-styling. Which is the main reason I joined this QAL, I think!)

  8. LOL - loved your post. I too made so many options and couldn't make a decision. I love your solution of mixing it up and using all different sizes and setting. Definitely liberated!!!

  9. Your top looks good now - and I am so with you - wonky Log Cabin is not my cup of tea either. I have some from a class in a plastic binder somewhere.

  10. Your top looks good now - and I am so with you - wonky Log Cabin is not my cup of tea either. I have some from a class in a plastic binder somewhere.

  11. Adorable! I'm glad mine isn't the only quilt that didn't have 4 sides added onto it. :)

  12. I have the same problem with free styling...beautiful interpretation XXX

  13. Wow! This is awesome! I love how you put some of them on point. Brilliant!

  14. Three sides, a mix of block dimensions, and a blend of straight set and on point -- I think you nailed it!

  15. You came up with a very clever free-style border. There's no rule about how liberated you have to be, and it's a process to get there some times. I like how you made it your own. Gwen would love it!

  16. So creative! I love how each quilt in this QAL is so different!!

  17. Oh, I love it. The log cabin blocks look wonderful. Having the 2 on point is very clever, and looks great.

  18. It's really interesting in a self-observatory kind of way to see how "liberated" we are/can be with our quilts. I like your three sizes and I really like those two on-point cabins at the bottom.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  19. I think you free styled beautifully. That's the beauty of the QAL - we decide what works without the stress of "perfection".

  20. Love the asymmetry of your log cabins. Look forward to how you place your stars!


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