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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Gwennie - late but better than not

Last month's challenge 'round' in the 
Gwennie inspired sew-along
was Stars...
I made stars.
I kept making stars.
I don't care for my stars. lol
The stars themselves are really fine. 
I don't like...... something about them WITH the medallion.
Maybe set differently,
or it needs a stopper/border.
Anyway, all that, and my lack of time this past month
what with all the fun family gatherings - 
IE: vacations, family birthday gatherings, 
reunions, and the normal day-to day activities,
means I slacked in the sewing department.
So, this is what I have so far:
 Or all straight set:
I need to decide soon, it's almost time for the last and final, 
fifth round/challenge!!!!

The final round design element was chosen by
Wendy of The Constant Quilter blog
and she said:
"Being from Maine, my theme choice for the final border is
“Something Fishy”.  As with those who have gone before me (Lori, Cynthia, Cathy and Katy), you can interpret this as loosely as you like. Here are a few examples:
Clam shells
Seafood fabric or appliques
Sea birds (they eat fish!)
Marine mammals (they eat fish too!)
Lighthouses (they see fish)
Boats (they catch fish)
Ovals and triangles (i.e. fish shaped)
Tartar Sauce – what???
What a hoot!! and how fun is this going to be??? 
I have an idea, and ready to get going...
even if it's almost time to reveal the
Fishy addition.  LOL


  1. I like the stars with the dark background. Seems to frame the central part better.....just my opinion.

  2. All those stars!!! You said you haven't done much sewing but it looks like you've been busy. The stars are really pretty, I like the colors you have chosen. Look forward to seeing how you arrange them around the center.

  3. Stars are hard, don't you think? They were for me because I'd already used stars twice.

    The thing I notice about the diagonal set of the stars at the bottom is that they repeat the diagonal yellow triangles of your first border.

    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  4. Your stars a beautiful. I like that you mixed up the styles and sizes... very Gwennie! Looks great!

  5. I think it is coming along beautifully. I like the two different stars and the contrasting backgrounds. It is a traditional quilt with a modern look. Very chic!


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