Lucy Boston

Saturday, March 17, 2018

more swapping going on around here

Following my annual tradition of joining in on swaps,
I decided I'd do another block swap this Winter,
when Barb, of Fun with Barb blog fame, 
offered her (what has become) annual block swap. 
She offered the swap in Modern or Reproduction fabrics,
and the block she chose for us to make was 
the Churn dash - six inch finished; 
44 of one color way, and 22 of a second colorway.  
We'd make and send 66 blocks and get 66 in return!

I chose the Reproduction group and used two of my favorite fabrics:
and made forty-four of the blue, twenty-two of the cheddar. 

It doesn't look like a stack of 66 blocks, I know, but Whew!!
Yes, it was a lot of blocks to make.
Made and mailed the end of February, 
so we'll be getting our swap blocks back soon!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!   
Hope you enjoy your weekend!!


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