Lucy Boston

Friday, May 4, 2018

Computer issues have me down

I’m sad to say that is definitely time for me to go computer shopping. With so many choices and so many options available, it’s always mind-boggling to me.
I’d like to share pictures from a quilt retreat;
I could share a quilt I made for another swap I’ve participated in;
I’d share a little, long-term project I’ve started - 3.5 inch baskets;
or even share three freshly made baby quilt gifts
for new twin nieces and a coming soon nephew.

But.... no pictures can be added from my mobile device. ☹️

I hope you’re all keeping busy and enjoying your Spring.
Happy Stitching!
And I’ll try to check in again, soon.


  1. Ah yes, computers can be so helpful or so very annoying! Good luck with your shopping.

  2. bummer - hope you find a computer that you like. I have an Apple laptop which I love.

  3. Since Picassa no longer works, and Google photos won't sync my camera photos (despite downloading their program) I can only use pictures from my phone. It's driving me crazy, since I don't want all those pictures on my phone. I hope we both can figure out our computer problems.


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