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Saturday, August 29, 2009


was a
scrap day:

I went and met up these nice ladies:
Friends and new friends.

Cherie, Monica, me, Valerie, Mary, Beckey, and Sharon. (can you tell I just set the timer on the camera and ran to get into the picture?)It was a great time. We cut up our scraps. We all cut up our scraps into one and one quarter inch strips and sewed them into bodies for scrappy chickens.
We worked on "Free Range Chickens" by Country Threads. In five hours I cut up my scraps and sewed five, repeat FIVE! scrappy chicken bodies. OK, I also talked, laughed, ate lunch, talked and laughed more, and in between all that I made five scrappy chicken bodies. Oh yea, I also won the great door prize gift bag of quilty stuff. And Mary, the WONDERFUL HOSTESS, gifted us each with a very nice scrappy pin cushion. Then I loaded up all my scraps and machine and paraphernalia and went back home.
Where I should have been doing this:

and this:

and this:

This is were D.D., the HQ machine will live when she gets back home from her vacation. She should be arriving shortly! And I really want to make her feel welcome.
So she can help me finish up all the scraps in my life.
It all comes down to scraps, don't you think?

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