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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

binding time...

I am NOT turning the furnace on.
I am NOT turning the furnace on.
I an NOT turning the furnace on.

It's almost ten in the morning on this Tuesday.
The rain is still here, which I am not complaining about.
We needed the rain.

What I am complaining about
is the great difference in heat
that is here in my part of the world.

As in, two days ago it was 95 degrees and humid.
And it seems like my body
had just acclimated
to the 95 degrees with high humidity.

Today, it feels like someone left the freezer door open,
dropped some rain into the mix to make it damp,
then set a fan blowing in my direction!

Really, it is 52 degrees in here.
Well, It really is 52 degrees and damp outside.
So I know that is ABOUT what the temp is in here also,
as I am not turning my furnace on until late October!!!
Did I say before that I was NOT turning my furnace on?
I think I might have.

Ok, enough of that.
I think I have made my point about the weather.
Yes, I am cold.
Sitting here in my twelve layers of clothes.
I have to find some binding to do on some quilts.
That way I can put another layer or two over myself.

Did you know that you can
multi-fold a quilt and lay it over yourself
while you hand stitch the binding on?
And if you stitch very slowly and acurately,
that you can stay double or triple covered for HOURS???

Now to find a way to warm my nose and fingers....

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