Lucy Boston

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a little me time

Some folks like
massages & facials & manicures
for their ME time...
Not I!
And, not that I'm just being contrary...
I do like massages, facials and manicures.
(And, I wouldn't turn down any of those if my family members are reading this right now!)
But, if I have the choice between those and quilting
for ME time?
Quilting and stitching almost always wins,
hands needle down!

So, here's a pic of some of my recent ME time:
Only the last/bottom row left to quilt!
Anytime I have a little block of time - fifteen to twenty minutes or so,
I'm turning on Big DD and meandering away-
ME time!

(as an aside on this quilt -
I hand-embroidered and pieced this quilt almost three years ago...
I made the back and the binding.
I had in my mind that I would layer it
and hand quilt it during the year,
to put it out that winter -
THREE years ago. 
Then the same idea the second year. 
Then the third.
I have quilted TWO of these quilts for other folks,
but mine was still sitting, awaiting hand-quilting.
This year, I decided, that was ridiculously silly,
so I FINALLY put it on the machine!)

So, here's to ME time.
Happy self-indulgence time to you also,
whatever that may be!


  1. I'm with you about choices. Its fun to shop, but stitching always wins when its about what to do with spare time. Your piece is usual! Love it, love it!!

    Valerie :-)

  2. That's such a pretty quilt. How's the new shop??


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