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Thursday, January 19, 2012


It's finally Winter!
And I'm lovin' it!

Thanks, all, who came through town and left me some snow!!!
Or maybe you did your little snow-dance for me? :)

This was last week's Friday left-overs:
snow-capped Sedum
There has been more snow today,
and more predicted for tomorrow - Friday - YAY!!!

Being inside,
watching the snow blowing around outside,
has made my mind "swirl" with ideas about quilting...
it's been making me think about my stitching...
while I've been hand-quilting my Snowy Days wall quilt.

Some of that
snow-blowing-mind-swirling-thinking-going-on stuff
makes me question
what new something I'll work on this year
as my BIG red-work project...
you know - hand embroidery.
[I have almost all of the hand-stitching done on the Calendula Patterdrip's (CAH)]
so, it's time to get something else going!

Any suggestions?
Anything great that you have worked on?
Something you'd recommend?

I'll need something soon -
especially if I'm going to get snowed in!!!

I know,
compared to most people,
but I'm hoping for
some many"Snow Days"!

p.s. I haven't found anything that Sweetie will stitch on - YET!

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