Lucy Boston

Thursday, January 12, 2012


and more rain....
Ohio has had plenty of rain last year,
and now into this year.
I would like snow, instead, please.

If anyone is traveling through or past or around Ohio,
please bring the snow with you and leave it here,
thank you very much.
Or, if you have a snow dance
that you could share, I'd appreciate that also.

I've been trying to give the hint to ole' Momma Nature
by working on my SNOW-y projects,
but that hasn't worked so far.

Here's my Walking in a Winter Wonderland (Crabapple Hill)
that I finally
 (finally, as in I've been working on this one quite a while - click this link to see the whole, long story) 
have quilted
and then hung it immediately in the family room:
This I machine pieced & hand-embroidered,
then did hand-guided machine quilting.
A couple more quilting pics:
snowflake quilting

mistletoe and holly quilting
The second project to try to
bring in the snow,
is part of a new wool on cotton applique class that
will take place over the next few weeks at Good Wives & Co.-
it is called
Snowy Days (by Heart to Hand):
I'm enjoying the stitching,
but, so far, only rain,
and then more rain has hit the ground around here.
Maybe an extended stitching class/time period
will help with the snow fall?
Anyone have any other suggestions for getting snow?

p.s.  no freezing rain or sleet please;
just snow - the big white fluffy flakes
that accumulate quickly and make good snowmen.


  1. I hear Alaska may have a little, maybe they could ship some this way.

  2. Love the new project, I'm pretty sure if I signed up to take the class we would get tons of snow so I couldn't go :(

  3. If the snow isn't there yet, it will be really soon. Chicago is getting it now, headed your way. Be careful what you wish for ; )


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