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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Abundance & knock down, drag out

I love that word.
And I love that I am so blessed
with abundance in my life.
I also love the abundance in my quilting studio.
Which brings in the second part of the title:
Knock down, drag out...

It's time for a good ole'
A fight with the abundance of fabric!!!

At this point, the fabric might be winning...
this is the cutting mat under my sewing machine -
completely covered with pieces of "hot pad" blocks
and a pile of brown fabrics that are awaiting cutting into binding strips.
You know it's time for a major overhaul
when you can't get into your sewing area
because of all of the piles everywhere.
note the stack of fabric ON
the top of a pretty "organizing" box
that covers the first 5 inches of my cutting table!!
by the way, that box contains nothing at this point!!
I really don't know how this happens!
OK, I do KNOW how this happens...
but really,
where did all of these piles come from?

the pressing mat at the side of my sewing desk -
starch alternative and iron SHOULD be here...
but it's also completely covered with
"hot pad" block tops, backs, and batting,
along with the cute tin of basting pins.
I could not have possibly left all of this out! I'm really a very organized person
(in my own mind, anyway :).
But looking at all of these piles,
maybe I'm not organized at all.
Maybe it's just that I remember in which pile I left something?!

Happy Stitching and
Happy fabric fighting!
I'm going in for round two!

If you don't hear from me in the next week,
please send rescue teams...plural!
It might be that
the stack on the box
on the cutting table
took me down!

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