Lucy Boston

Monday, April 30, 2012

brother spending my $

I don't recall if I've shared this before:

I love both of my brothers and sis's-in-law.

But this time I'm talking about the older of the two bros...

My next older bro and sis in law?
They regularly call me from auctions.
Isn't that nice that they're thinking of me?
They call to see if they can
spend my money.
See, isn't that nice?
(They do usually call before they spend my money :)

This is the latest result
of them spending my money:
Isn't that great???!!!

It's a whole stack of old quilts
& quilt tops 
& there is a box of hand-pieced/embroidered blocks.
And if that wasn't enough?
The top box is full of aprons!!!

THAT is family love...
knowing what to add to each others collections!


  1. I am not related by blood. However, I love spending your money too!


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