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Monday, April 16, 2012

wonderful indulgence

Wonderful friends!
Wonderful International Quilt Festival!
Wonderful weekend!
Yep, just plain wonderful!

The wonderful friends:
pretty much explains it - I have wonderful friends!
Shared Thursday and Friday with some of them,
and it could not have been better.

The IQF was in Ohio this past weekend, and
I attended with some of the above said friends.
Put those two together, and THAT equals
the third part of the equation:
Wonderful Weekend!

Here are a few shots of some of the "stuff"
that I needed.
(yes needed:)
 We met Judie Rothermel and found this GREAT book of hers.  I loved the pack of fabrics, so I picked those up.  Then I fell in love with a quilt she had in her booth.  Ohio Star Medallion.  Using her Templates, I can make all of the little Ohio stars with center-on-point fussy-cut blocks - with these conversation prints as centers:

Then I found this great fabric:
and a half yard came home with me.
AND, I heard my name being called
by these three patterns:
wool on cottons...
Love wool on cotton.
 Then, another great civil war inspired quilt:
 And, finally, a cute little bound booklet, by Liberty Homestead:
This little booklet is only about 4 x 5 inches
which seems to me that it's
just calling out to be lost in the madness of the studio :) 
but the pattern is oh, so great, I couldn't resist!  (we'll see how long before I can't find it:).
And I love how they, Liberty Homestead, write their instructions- if you have used one of their patterns, you'll understand.  But that is how my brain works, so it's good with me.

I did get myself another little blue thimble.
And, it was buy one/get one on the Havel's scissors,
so two more pairs of scissors made the ride home with me.
Another thimble and more scissors- I may have issues:)!

Home, and a belated family Easter dinner,
so just a little indulgence there, too:
I made escalloped potatoes for fifty.
Also did sausage gravy and biscuits, cut-out iced sugar cookies, and a big bowl of fruit to share...
All in all, a wonderful weekend, wouldn't you say?
Just a little wonderful indulgence!

(I'll share a couple of quilt pics from the festival tomorrow, promise.)

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  1. I wish that was still in Chicago. We miss it here. Glad you had fun.


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