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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I was recently  commissioned to make quilt
AND then to quilt it.
The "making part" was quite a change from the usual for me.
I know... I make quilts all the time.
Quilts that I want to make or give.
But this time, it was different...

The request came from a non-quilter,
and there was no pattern,
just the idea of starting with some signature blocks...

I started by telling her the process of
getting good signature blocks,
then making suggestions about color choices,
 possible layouts and
 the amount of fabrics needed.
I guess I've been quilting long enough
 to guess-timate
the required "stuff"
needed to make a queen-sized quilt.
Even if there's not a pattern to follow!
Here's a pic of the finish:
There was just enough fabric left
to make a
storage pillow case
to gift along with the quilt:
I hope she will love it.
And, I hope the recipient will love it too.

Anyway, the whole process
of starting with a
"blank quilting slate"
was liberating.
I guess that I don't do that often enough anymore.
 Start with no pattern that is.
Changes to the pattern, yes, always! :)

And the Storage Case?
I almost always make one for the gift recipient.
I've found that it's really appreciated.
I figure,
if there is ever the need for some
"repair" fabric, it could always be taken for the storage case.

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  1. nice quilt and I like the case idea. I'll have to start making one for each of my quilts.
    thanks for sharing.


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