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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

mis-placed, not lost :)

At work early last week
I had used my camera &
I thought I had put it into my project bag
that was in the
big blue & white duffel bag.
Later when I looked for it, 
my camera wasn't there in my project bag.
And I was bummed...
I looked and looked for it. 
To no avail. 
(I even looked around work/parking lot a few days later when I worked again.)

So I packed for the retreat,
sad that I wouldn't have a camera.
I packed some of my many UFOs
and the above mentioned hand-stitching project bag.
I gathered all this STUFF and put it into my
big blue and white duffel bag, and
shoved it into the car
along with the sewing machine and clothing suitcase. 

Then a few days into the retreat last week,
I was digging around in my
big blue and white duffel bag
and guess what I found at the bottom???!!!
I'm no longer bummed!  :)
I didn't have it early in the retreat to take pics around town, but
I was able to have it for show and tell! YAY.
Here's a pic of some of the 100 gals "retreating":
Anyway, Luann (who has a blog) was there (with her camera:)
and she has early-in-the-week Shipshewana pics.
Jump over there and check out her pics...
And tell her I said HI!
Luann @ loose threads

Thank you,
big blue duffel bag
for holding my camera for me!

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