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Thursday, May 2, 2013

No, "May Day" was not a call for help in this instance

No, I am not in Quilter's Distress.
Well, any more than normal :)
Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy May 1st...

Evidently, I alarmed some folks yesterday with my
May Day, May Day, May Day post title.

My thought?
All caps and BOLD:
MAY DAY - MAY DAY - MAY DAY!!!!!!!!!!
would signal alarm.
(If I ever type three, bold, all caps-May Days,
you know then that I'm distressing!)

But going back to read yesterday's after-the-fact post,
I can see now, my mistake.
I'd tried to pull an
old-fashioned tradition into this current time-period.

To top it off,
evidently, only people
"above a certain age"
know that the May Day tradition
of leaving little bouquets of flowers on doorsteps
is a sign of friendship and of welcoming Spring...

And, guess who's above a "certain age" ?
Me.  I'm claiming it.
Anyway, Happy May!
and here's another little floral bouquet picture for you -
this time in fabric, too:
Maybe next year I'll introduce
the May Pole dance tradition back into society! :)

p.s. Sorry about you folks that were hit by a snow storm for May Day.  That could have sent up the MAY DAY alarm :)

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