Lucy Boston

Sunday, May 19, 2013

rhubarb memories

Rhubarb -
you either love it or hate it.

Me? I love rhubarb!
And, growing up a farm-girl,
rhubarb season brings back memories...
One of the best rhubarb memories I have
is going out after school
and pulling a fresh stalk of rhubarb:
My siblings and I,
each armed with our own pocket-knife
and little paper-tooth-brush-cup
(you know the little cups that I'm talking about)
a quarter filled with sugar,
would head out to "the patch"
to choose our own rhubarb stalk snack.
With a quick yank, we'd pluck the stalk from the clump
then flip out our pocketknife blade,
and whack off the rhubarb base and huge leaf.
After wiping the knife blades onto our jean shorts
 and stowing our knives back into our pockets,
we'd sit in the garden and devour our fresh treat,
dipping the freshly picked rhubarb stalk into our allotment of sugar. 
I loved the tartness and crisp, crunchy bite, lightly sugared.
I think my brothers probably ate the sugar more than the rhubarb,
just using the rhubarb stalk as an implement
to get the sugar to their mouth. :)
The only way the day could have been better was if it was Spring-raining...
we could use the huge rhubarb leaf we'd just cut off -
umbrella-like, on our heads like a cap!
Since it's the height of rhubarb season here in Ohio,
I used some of my first rhubarb "picking" and early strawberries
and made me and Sweetie a pie (crumb-topped, not two crusted).
And I know it's a going to be a great one, as it ran over in the oven!!

I think I'll have the grand kids over
and take them out to the rhubarb patch, too -
introduce them to the little paper-tooth-brush-cup of sugar.
Tart, but sweet memories.


  1. Your post brings back happy memories for me. My Grandma made the best strawberry/rhubarb pie. I still have a rhubarb plant in my back yard but it never seems to produce enough that I can cook a little pan full. Maybe you are the one I ask about that.

  2. I just picked my first batch of rhubarb today! I have 2 plants that are finally getting big and giving me a lot of stalks. I make a really good Rhubarb-strawberry crumble.

  3. What a wonderful memory, I love rhubarb and have my little patch in the back. I am going to have to try that little sugar trick with the grandkids. Thanks for sharing!


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