Lucy Boston

Saturday, March 8, 2014

another day, another unstitch

It was a good, late afternoon...
I'd been stitching away on my Ides of March quilt blocks...
aka Good Night Irene  (from Terry's Sew Along).
I had all 31 of the 16-patch blocks done
plus all 31 of the X-blocks done!
So, I started on my border pieces and
made 36 of these:
See how nice they look?  Ready to sew into pairs!

Hold your horses, or whatever you hold when something just doesn't look right...
Maybe I was working too long, or too late...
because after they were
all made,
and trimmed,
and pressed,
I realized that I really needed
36 pieces with
so I could make 18 of these:
And because of limited fabric
 (I was using the 'found' stack of ten inch squares)
I had to unstitch all of these half-square triangles:
so I could re-stitch them.
And re-stitch them I did! 
Right then!
Before I called it a night.
Here they are - re-done, ready to trim and press:
But wait, OK, now I know it's time for bed!
Notice the block on the right compared to the blocks on the left:
What you don't want is the one on the right!
What would be left if you trimmed off that flip-y corner?
Not a square!!
Glad I only sewed ONE of those 36 triangles
back on the wrong way.
Tomorrow afternoon,
after I check and double-check all of my late-night-sewn blocks,
I plan on sewing all the blocks together.
Hopefully there are no more problem blocks, as 
I want to get this quilt finished for the Ides of March
so it can live up to it's name!
Good Night (Irene)!


  1. Sewing is always an adventure! I'm looking forward to seeing all of your blocks sewn together. :0)

  2. Oh, I've done the some thing! You think and overthink and even if it's not late at night - whack - cut the wrong way, or stitch through a whole stack of blocks without bobin thread! Time to get some sleep and hit it fresh in the morning! I love your greens you chose and can't wait to see everything sewn together. t in tx

    1. Thanks for the sympathy T in TX. I am loving this quilt and it's going together SO quickly!

  3. Bummer! Unsewing is always a mood killler for me. Makes me want to just put the whole project into a box and start something new.:) I'm looking forward to seeing your blocks put together also.

    1. Hello Anon! I know how you feel! But so worth the un-stitching. This is such a great project - it's going together so quickly!


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