Lucy Boston

Friday, March 28, 2014

Lucy Boston for March

Thanks to everyone for checking in on me and my
Lucy Patchwork of the Crosses blocks - 
I'm still loving making them, maybe too much so!
as I may have made more than I need...
AND I have more Civil War repro fabrics
grouped to make even more blocks.
I just can't stop.
I'm telling you, it really is an addiction.
I have a problem. :)
It there a support group for quilters addicted to English paper piecing? 
Hello, my name is Debra
and I'm an addict,
Lucy POTC is my problem.
So, that being said,

I did not meet my March goal  of connecting Lucy blocks. 
(The goal for the first half of this year is to connect 10 blocks a month.)
Only half got done this time.
Oh well, sometimes things have to give,
and this month it was my Lucy.

Knowing my schedule for this weekend,
and with the calendar page turning soon after that,
I decided this was it for the month for me , so time to share -
my five newly connected blocks (and a floater) are on the left:
March 2014 - five more blocks connected
The other five blocks for March did not meet up with my
needle and thread and little blue connecting squares.
Good news though,
I have a few days of quilting retreat planned
in a couple of weeks, so maybe I'll get caught up then.

Happy end of March, and
Happy Stitching!


  1. Gosh, golly. gee, it is beautiful!! Probably my mot favorite quilt pattern of all time!!

  2. Debra these are awesome. Is it a book, a pattern?

  3. Hope you have a great time with C in Shipshie. If I were there, you would need to lock up your gorgeous Lucy blocks................

  4. Your POTC's are looking wonderful. I have a long way to go before that stage but that is ok, here in N.Z we have winter coming up although we've been getting gorgeous Autumn weather. I take my LB bits to sewing group on a Wednesday. It has created a lot of interest. Your quilt is going to be superb. Will you keep it for yourself? Shirley N.Z.

    1. Hello Shirley! for some reason, you no longer have an email that comes up, so I can't reply to you directly. I'm glad to hear that you are working on the Lucy blocks! and also that there are also others that are showing interest. It really is addictive!
      Yes, this is going to be my own quilt... after a year of making blocks, and now this year of putting them together and getting it ready to quilt, I've grown quite attached to it!
      Please email with your email address, as I'd like to talk with you about your progress!


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