Lucy Boston

Friday, April 25, 2014

still April, barely and wise Pooh words

This year is a quarter over already!!!
Time is still flying by - imagine that. :)

Somewhere along the line,
I decided that I could do this,
add that,
and do more of something else...
Why did I think I'd have the time to add even more?

Is this a personal flaw or does everyone do the same?
I'm talking about the adding of another project
into the fullness of life... 
another block of the month,
another quilt project,
adding a baby shower gift,
etc., etc., etc., to the
already overflowing list of "THINGS to DO".
I don't think I'm alone here.
If anyone has an answer to this dilemma,
please let me know!
(: but, I won't give up all sleep :)
Anyway, since it IS still April,
so just under the wire,
here's my 'half-pint'*
April 'Sparkling Stars' row for 
Block of the Month:
*I'm doing these blocks at half the size as the pattern,
so instead of using two and a half inch strips/squares,
I'm cutting at one and a quarter inches.
Thanks, Cindy, for another cute pattern this month!!
And in just a few days, there will be the May block -
I know...more time!
And in the words of the wise Pooh bear:
“The main problem with this great obsession
for saving time is very simple: you can't save time.
You can only spend it.
But you can spend it wisely or foolishly.”  


  1. Your Civil Unrest is blowing away to my house for a new home and Pooh is helping. My trick this year is just turn around and walk away from the quilt shop. I did it today at the shop hop. Got out of class and went to the Nutter center to meet C. Saw her sitting as I was getting ready to pay to enter. She was done and I declared that I needed nothing and we walked away for lunch. Sort of patting myself on the back.

  2. Love your sparkling stars strip, so cute done in a smaller size!

  3. I think creative inspiration hits and is hard to ignore, I'm totally in that same place, and you have to admit. sometimes it is so fun! :-}
    I think it is cool that you "shrunk" the snowman quilt, hmm, there is that inspiration bug again ...
    hugs, pokey


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