Lucy Boston

Thursday, April 24, 2014

the bazillion pieces

A finished quilt top!
It's not even pressed yet - I was so excited to show it all put together!
I fell in love with this quilt as soon as I saw it's cover girl picture.
But, I didn't realize how small the quilt would finish -
at  just under 36 inches square!!

Let me introduce to you 
Civil Unrest:
by Mary Etherington & Connie Tesene*
of Country Threads fame;
from this book by Patchwork Place:
See? Cover girl!

I love the scrappiness - so many great colors.
I love the flying geese -
all those sharp, little points
and the movement they create when lined up in orderly rows.
Did I mention that there are
216 flying geese?!
Yes, 216 little geese blocks -
with each goose unit
finishing at
1 by 2 inches!!
and each little nine-patch measures 3 x 3 inches.
(I put a penny in the center of the blue block to show the scale.)

I've been working on this quilt-y project for quite a while.
Talk about unrest. :)
Many, many, tiny pieces -
         over 1,100  a BAzillion, I'm telling you.

But totally worth it. :)

Happy Stitching Thursday!

*I am in no way affiliated with nor did I receive compensation
from the publisher or authors of this book.  I just love the finish and had to share!


  1. Wee, tiny, little blocks. LOTS of them! Looks really nice.

  2. I saw that book and cover quilt also and loved it too. Did not know it was so small! That looks like at least a bazillion pieces!! But I still want to make it:) t in tx

  3. I knew the design of your little quilt looked familiar and now I know why. I can see why you were excited to show us.

  4. very nice work! & love that pattern!

  5. Thanks Anon and Anon! If either of you decide to make this quilt, it IS a bazillion pieces, but TOTALLY worth it!


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