Lucy Boston

Saturday, April 12, 2014

third time may be the charm

YAY! After lugging this project around to two different retreats,
I finally have a block! 
One of twenty blocks
One inch finished squares in the center...
two inch finished outside HSTs...
Twenty of these blocks needed.
Besides the above finished block,
here's a pic of my 'work' from this retreat:
Sewn and ready to half, press and trim on the bottom left.
Trimmings at the back.
Trimmed blocks on the bottom right.
That is only ONE THIRD of the needed HST blocks needed for this.
That's why I'm thinking
that the third retreat may be the charm
for this quilt project!


  1. I know a couple people who save those little snippets for stuffing big pillows to be used as dog beds at a local animal shelter.
    The block has a lot of small squares in the center. The design reminds me of a sunflower. A few of the blocks and some matching squares with stems and leaves appliqued would make a wall quilt.

  2. Cool! I like it, maybe another project!

    1. Thanks, Diane! I think all of the little piecing is going to be worth it when it's finished!

  3. very nice sunflower block, but are you crazy?! lol. looks like over 100 pieces in that one block and you have 20 to do?! yep, crazy! :) but i love it. what pattern is it?
    t in tx

    1. Hi, anon! Thanks for the nice compliment about the sunflower block - and yes, I might be a little obsessed :)
      The pattern is from a Buggy Barn book called, appropriately enough, A Little Bit Crazy. Thanks for stopping by

  4. Interesting block. I like to work small, but that block might just put me over the edge! I am looking forward to seeing more!


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