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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

nine-patch fun

I have issues. :)
(Don't we all? - please say it's so :)
My issues are, well, numerous.
As numerous as the irons I have in the fire.
Which is my problem - irons/fires.

This time, this iron/fire is -
a block swap I signed up for in July. 
It's a 9-patch block swap, 
and I only have to make 50 pairs of blocks 
in Civil War reproduction fabrics to send.

Not that I have to justify it,
but... here goes anyway :)
I figured it was a good way to use up more of my stash, 
I'll end up with blocks in fabrics I (maybe) don't have in my stash,
and, I have until October 1st to mail my finished blocks.
No pressure, right?

Barb (who blogs at Fun With Barb) is hosting/organizing
and I was so excited to get into the group!
(Unfortunately, the swap group is already filled and sign-ups are closed, 
but you can go check out the 9-patch tutorial 
that Barb is recommending for use for this swap.)
Bonnie Blue, New Town Farm/Williamsburg, Indigo by Nance Gere.
I cut my 4 1/2 inch square fabric pairs weeks ago
and planned to sew a few every day.
That didn't happen.

Fast forward to this week, and I cranked them out.
All ready to send off to Barb.
And early,  imagine that!

Happy Stitching!!

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  1. I did not sign up for the exchange though it was oh so tempting.


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