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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lucy Boston POTC August 2014

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!

With all of the family/summer/fun stuff going on the past three months, I've not kept up with what I wanted to on my Lucy.
I did get another row of seven attached!!!
August 2014 - Top row added!!
Now there is a decision to make...
maybe you can help me?
Here is my Lucy POTC on my Mitchell-Rammelsberg antique bed:
August 2014 
And here's the foot board of the bed:
 Mitchell-Rammelsberg bed foot board, 
August 2014 
Seems a shame to me to have the Lucy quilt cover that dusty gorgeous wood.
Leave the two bottom corner blocks in or not??
So, let me know your thoughts, please.  I have a couple months to come to a decision.

Here are individual pictures of this month's blocks:
August 2014 - row 6
August 2014 - row 6
August 2014 - row 6
August 2014 - row 6
August 2014 - row 6
August 2014 - row 6
August 2014 - row 6
Twenty months into it, I'm still lovin' the process.
But at this point, I'm missing the fussy-cutting though,
since I'm down to some muslin honeycomb pieces and little blue connecting squares.
I can tell already that there is going to be 
a let-down when this quilt is finished.  :)

Happy September and Happy Stitching!


  1. I would just tuck the corners of the quilt inside that beautiful foot board. If you leave the corner blocks off then you can only put the quilt on your bed one way. It seems like quilts wear out more quickly where your hands and face touch it most.

  2. OMG, Debra, this is beautiful. My favorite hand project - always makes my heart sing when I see pics. I'd be different and leave the corners off to showcase that lovely footboard.


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